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Nano Hair Extensions

Feel Beautiful Always

hair extensions mississauga by Length Envy

Nano link hair extensions is a hair extension method that involves attaching specific strands of hair to your natural hair using tiny (2.5mm), beads called nano beads. Nano link beads are 90% smaller than micro link extensions.

Why should I choose Nano Hair Extensions?

Nano link extensions are popular because they are lightweight, flexible & tend to be less damaging to your natural hair compared to other extension methods. They  provide a natural look as the bonds are very small.

However, it's important to have nano link extensions applied by a professional who is experienced in this technique so they are installed properly. Proper maintenance & care are essential to keep your nano link extensions looking their best & to avoid damage to your hair.

Should I choose micro link extensions or nano link extensions?

Nano link extensions are 90% smaller than micro link extensions, they are incredibly discrete compared to other methods.

How are the Nano extensions applied to my hair?

Here's how the process generally works:

  1. A small amount of your natural hair is pulled through a tiny metal ring (nano bead) along with the extension strand.

  2. The bead is then clamped shut to secure the extension strand in place.

  3. This process is repeated throughout the hair to achieve the desired look.

Why should I choose Length Envy to do my Nano Hair Extensions?

Length Envy stands out as the premier choice for unparalleled quality and care. Our commitment to excellence begins with sourcing only the finest Ukrainian or Russian Remy hair. We prioritize ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that our suppliers uphold fair working conditions for their employees. Manon has over four certifications in the nano link hair extensions method. Rest assured, your natural hair is in the best hands at Length Envy, where we prioritize both your beauty and the health of your hair.

Nano Extensions

Nano link hair extensions that have you feeling beautiful, always. 

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