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Nano Hair Extensions Aftercare

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7 Extension After Care Rules


It may take a couple of nights to get used to the feeling of the extensions. The scalp may even feel itchy the first 1 to 2 weeks as your scalp adjusts to more hair, this will fade. 

It is normal for a few extension pieces to fall out, keep them safe and bring them to your next appointment to have them re-installed. 

Maintenance Appointments

Regular maintenance is essential. If you go longer than the recommended period of time, it can cause tangling of your hair and therefore damage your own hair. Follow the guide below to book your maintenance:

Thin/Delicate hair: 6-8 weeks

Average thickness hair: 8-12 weeks

Thick, Strong hair: 12-16 weeks


Choose a soft bristle or loop brushes. When your hair is wet, use wide-tooth combs to gently detangle . Brush your hair and extensions carefully, starting from the ends and gradually work your way up. Be gentle and patient while brushing.


Tie your hair back in a loose braid before bed. Never sleep with wet hair, this can cause matting.


Apply shampoo to the scalp and delicately lather the length of the extensions, avoid rubbing. Condition below the bonds to preserve their strength.  Remember, frequent washing can weaken the bond, so aim to wash your hair 1-2 times per week.


Consider using a heat protectant spray if you use heat on your extensions . Using a smoothing oil on the ends will keep the extensions soft. You can use hairspray, leave in conditioner,, dry shampoo etc. 

Avoid getting oil based on products on the bonds. 


Unlike micro beads, nano beads don’t have a silicone layer that leaves sticky substances in the hair when you blow dry. Still, avoid blow drying the hair at the roots to maintain the bond. Straighteners/ curling irons can be used but avoid touching the bead. Blow dry your scalp up to the bead to avoid matting, the remainder of your hair can air dry. The #1 cause of matting is sleeping on wet hair. 

Nano Link Hair Extensions

Some questions you may be wondering about for your Nano Extensions

How should I prepare for my Hair Extensions Appointment?

Before your appointment, make sure you have the following products: 

  • Sulphate free shampoo

  • Deep Conditioner

  • Soft Bristle Brush 

  • Spray Leave in conditioner

Is there anything I need to do on the day of my hair extensions appointment?

Have your hair freshly washed, use a clarifying shampoo. Only put conditioner on ends. Do not use any hair products. Have your hair dry and straightened. Part your hair as you normally would. 

How can I brush my hair with nano extensions in my hair?

Use soft bristle or loop brushes to avoid pulling on your hair. You can use wide tooth combs when the hair is wet to detangle.

How should I sleep with nano extensions in my hair?

The most optimal way to sleep with nano extensions in your hair is to tie your hair back. Do not sleep with wet hair as that will cause haor matting. 

How can I wash my hair after adding Nano extensions?

Lather shampoo on scalp and then very gently lather the length of the extensions, do not rub aggressively. Use conditioner below the bonds to avoid weakening the bond. Rinse as usual. As a general rule, the more you wash your hair the weaker the bond becomes so wash 1-2 times a week.

How often should I maintain my hair extentions?

It is critical to attend your maintenance appointments to avoid damage to your natural hair. 

Maintenance schedule is below: 

Thin/Delocate hair: 6-8 weeks

Average Thickness: 8-12 weeks

Thick, dense, strong hair: 12-16 weeks

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